As Promax prepares to launch the 2019 Latin America Awards, which will be available via streaming on Nov. 14, Daily Brief is featuring finalists from categories that rose to the top, including the beloved key art category.

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From Telemundo’s Sitiados Mexico to Nickelodeon’s Club 57, the six finalists comprise bold graphics, deceitful characters, time travel and more. Check them out below:

Star Power - Alejandra, NBCUniversal International Networks

Alejandra Azcaráte isn’t the only thing that “pops” in this bold key art for E!’s Star Power.

Sitiados Mexico, The Walt Disney Company Latin America

There are two sides to every story—and person—in this period series on Fox Premium.

Club 57, The Viacom Agency

The Viacom Agency travels back to the ‘50s for Nickelodeon’s teen telenovela, Club 57.

La Reina del Sur, Telemundo Enterprises

Teresa Mendoza returns to seek vengeance, confront old enemies and save her daughter in season two Telemundo’s La Reina del Sur.

Betty en NY, Telemundo Enterprises

An average woman moves to New York City and faces criticism over her looks in Telemundo’s Betty en NY.

El Barón, Telemundo Enterprises

Telemundo shows the lavish lifestyle of a ‘70s drug trafficker in this key art for El Barón.

Check out the full list of finalists here, and tune in on Nov. 14 for Promax’s online winners announcement.

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