Fox Sports and trading card company Topps are collaborating with pop artists such as the Shoe Surgeon, Sophia Change, CES, Distortedd and more to create art that will highlight this season of Major League Baseball. Work will drop during Fox’s Baseball Night in America as well as during the 2021 MLB All-Star Game and other baseball-related programming throughout the summer.

Up first is a collaboration between Fox Sports, Topps and the Shoe Surgeon to create a custom pair of shoes for Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts. Previously, Topps had set up collaborations with pop artists to create custom sports trading cards through its Project70, celebrating Topps’ 70th anniversary, and Project 2020, which ran throughout last year.

“The way that pop art and baseball have come together through the amazing work of these superstar pop artists in Topps Project70 and Project 2020 is a great blueprint for some of the creative ideas we can do in the collaboration with Fox Sports,” said Jeff Heckman, Topps global director, new business ventures, in a statement. “Opening up the canvas beyond cards and revealing the work across Fox MLB platforms will further showcase their creativity.”

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