In Fox’s latest collaboration with education non-profit Get Lit, Jasmine Minchez, 19, shares her poem, “Community Quilt,” in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, which started Friday, September 15 and runs through Sunday, October 15. The spot is also part of Fox’s #TVforAll campaign, which started in early 2020 and champions diverse voices across Fox Entertainment.

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“We sew promise into a beautiful blanket. We wrap our children in lessons of a mother tongue,” Minchez recited. “Pulling at loose threads we mend history and place hope in our hands. There’s boundless beauty in our divine diaspora, spanning borders and continents, celebrating vibrance of food, song and language.

“How beautiful we are. Every color of our flag, every cheer in support of our teams. Every sacrifice made so the next generation sees the reality of our dreams. We are the stories. We are the sentries. We are the descendants of hearts that love heavy. Hands that build opportunity by the brick, weaving the future by the stitch.

“This is the legacy we wrap ourselves in – together.”

During the piece, Fox included clips of its shows that feature Hispanic and Latino talent, including 9-1-1: Lone Star, The Cleaning Lady, I Can See Your Voice, The Masked Singer and Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.

The spot will air across Fox-owned TV stations and affiliates and Fox digital platforms throughout the month-long event.

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