Fox’s new sitcom, The Cool Kids, follows a quartet of old folks who are determined to live their lives in style, even if it’s in the style of a retirement home.

In this launch campaign, Fox’s marketing team and the cast spent a sweltering day shooting these fun, off-the-wall takes, like the above series preview and the two spots below.

The show stars David Alan Grier as Hank, the crew’s leader; Martin Mull as Charlie, who loves going off on long tangents to the annoyance of all around him; Leslie Jordan as melodramatic Sid and Vickie Lawrence as Margaret, who wasn’t really invited into the group but now that she’s there, refuses to leave.

The Cool Kids is produced by 20th Century Fox Television in association with FX Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment. Charlie Day, Patrick Walsh and Nick Frenkel are executive producers. Don Scardino directed the pilot.

The Cool Kids premieres on Fox on Friday, Sept. 28, at 8:30 p.m.

​Grandparenting Like Bosses

Driving Like No Trees Are in Front of Them


Client: Fox

CMO: Shannon Ryan

EVP Marketing: Tommy Gargotta

SVP On-Air Promo: Scott Edwards

VP/Creative Director: Julio Cabral

VP On-Air Comedy: Brian Gawronski

Senior Creative Director: Stacey Batzer

Senior Writer/Producer: Bart Montgomery

Writers/Producers: Michelle Phertiyanan, Natalie Michaels

SVP Talent Relations: Kristen Graham

SVP Music: Mamie Coleman

VP Design: Ian MacRitchie

Editors: Ulmer Bicknell, Scott Hatrick, Steve Lanctot

Agency: Wavemaker Creative

Director: Ira Rosensweig

Director of Photography: Dallas Sterling

Executive Producer: Shannon Bowen

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