Each year, a billion tons of trash pollute our oceans, overfishing takes a huge toll on sea life, and species are disappearing … including mermaids.

Freeform’s Save the Mermaids public service announcement uses the show Sirens to raise awareness about threats to the ocean through an Earth Day partnership with Conversation International.

The video, and accompanying infographic, combine real-world statistics about topics such as the economic value produced by oceans and weather disruptions caused by warming waters, with ‘facts’ abouts mermaids such as their decreasing population and ability to take on an ordinary human appearch through a painful metamorphosis.

Siren stars Eline Powell as one of these creatures who comes to shore and starts wreaking havoc on the town of Bristol Cove.

“Nothing to eat … we need food,” she says in the PSA.

The campaign goes hand-in-hand with an ongoing Disney, ABC and ESPN partnership with the National Recreation and Park Association to provide communities with resources to improve local parks.

The public can nominate a park for a $20,000 grant at www.NRPA.org/Disney.

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