Fuse Media took the name of its new show, Made From Scratch, literally when it came to making the marketing materials.

To create the key art, which also served as social media posts, Fuse hired food stylist Jillian Knox. Knox worked with the team to design the below posters, which riff on such kitchen favorites as queso, pancakes and tempura.

Made From Scratch premiered on Fuse on Tuesday, Oct. 15.





SVP, Fuse Marketing: Mark McIntire

VP, Fuse Brand Creative: Jedd Scher

Creative Director, Fuse Brand Creative: David Salazar

Director of Project Management, Fuse Brand Creative: Jackie Armstrong

Graphic Designer, Fuse Brand Creative: Adrien Ordorica

Content Creator, Fuse Brand Creative: Sergio Rodriguez

Audio Mixer, Fuse Brand Creative: Jose Jurado

Food Stylist: Jillian Knox

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