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Bicoastal creative production company Scholar created the above animated cinematic trailer for Valorant’s first-ever Game Changers Championship tournament in which the world’s eight best all-female teams competed in Berlin from November 15-20.

Each team was composed of women and gender-marginalized players within the community of Valorant, a five-on-five first person shooter game from Riot Games.

“To create a legendary showstopper, we crafted an action-packed story with Riot Games that is stylized with radiant energy—psychedelic and surreal—bringing anime-inspired action into a dreamscape of Valorant imagery and lore,” wrote Scholar on its website. “Highlighting five Game Changers pros from across the globe, we set out to bring their in-game personas to the forefront, turning their skill and creativity into mind-bending action with Valorant ability easter eggs and an endless supply of pure grit. The combination of hyper-stylized visuals, kinetic action, editorial, and fearless individuality launched this campaign into the stratosphere as a showcase of the unrelenting talent and fearlessness of Valorant Game Changers.”

The trailer is set to “All Eyes on Me” featuring Jean Deaux and Whipped Cream.

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Client: Riot Games

Agency: Scholar

Story By: Riot Games, Macauley Johnson, Ana Chang

Creative Director: Macauley Johnson

Art Director: Ana Chang

Animation Director: Alex Bernas

Lead Compositor: Andrew Tan

CG Supervisor: Kevin Kolodinsky

Managing Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll

Executive Producer: Antonio Hardy

Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh

Senior Producer: Christina Yiallouris

Associate Producer: Bella Bergeron

Production Assistant: Jack Readman

Pitch Producer: Marcus Fussell

Lead Designer: Jina Kwon

Designers: Aivy Nguyen, Kiron Robinson, Cendan Claiborne, Jose Bernabe, Kyle Fewell, Siena Mae, Stephanie Stromenger, Tiago Calliari, Victorien Aubineau

Storyboards: Mark Yates

Cel Animators: Aivy Nguyen, Alex Bernas, Ana Chang, Danni Fisher-Shin, Zach Herdman, Barbara Benas, Billy Mpetha, Bruno de Mendonca, Deco Daviola, Laura Yilmaz, Michael Relth, Olivia Blanc, Romario Clarke

Media Manager: Adrianna McKinley

3D/ Previz Animators: Han Hu, Kevin Kolodinsky, Stephen Van Wyk, Derek Friesenborg, Sarah Wolfe, Steven Dvornik

Compositors: Kenny Kerut, Sam Bachman, Andrew Tan, Dylan Blau, Jip Jeong

2D Animators: Kiron Robinson, Zach Herdman

Editor: Dominic Strazulo

Telecine: RCO

Colorist: Derrick Yuen

Mix & Sound Design: Another Country

Mix & Sound Designer: Erik Widmark

Assistant: Cathryn Stark

Tags: riot games scholar valorant

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