Chef Gordon Ramsay returns for more adventure in season two of Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, which finds him visiting such countries as Tasmania, South Africa, Indonesia, Norway, India and Guyana.

“We’re exploring seven new regions this season, each with vastly different culinary customs and history,” said Ramsay in a statement. “We get the opportunity to learn from the locals and hear their stories, and that gives us a much deeper experience and understanding of the world around us.”

In each new place, Ramsay explores global cuisines while also scaling mountains, batting 10-foot waves and bushwhacking his way through the backcountry to forage for local ingredients. Along the way, he also runs with bulls and swims in shark-infested waters.

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted returns to National Geographic with a visit to Tasmania on Sunday, June 7 at 10/9c. The series airs globally in 172 countries and 43 languages.

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