Everyone is just getting over their Thanksgiving hangovers and now they’ve got Christmas—or whichever winter holiday they celebrate—on the brain.

In this new campaign for BBC One, Graham Norton reminds us of all of the wonderful things the holidays have to offer, which include: agreeing not to talk politics over the dinner table, waking up when you feel like it, binge-watching to your heart’s content, and getting to be a kid again.

“Christmas is a time when we come together through the shared treats and rituals of the season to take care of ourselves,” BBC One Head of Marketing Chris Hooper told Marketing Week. “BBC One has a special role in helping to bring people together and, understanding that poignant festive brand films are a territory that feels well explored, we wanted to demonstrate this in way that was relatable and fun.”

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Client: BBC One

Agency: BBC Creative

Tags: bbc one graham norton holidays 2019

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