Five years ago, Open TV launched in Greece but never really established its brand with viewers.

Now that the pandemic has faded and people are back in the world, the channel has launched a new campaign meant to reintroduce viewers to Open TV and what it’s all about.

“This year’s campaign gives substance and content to the name of the channel and the values that derive from this name, by creating an ode to openness,” said Open TV Marketing Director Konstantina Koutrouli in an email. “[It was] perfect timing for this, since after two years of covid which imposed a ‘closure’ on everyone … openness is more relevant than ever.”

The channel’s new tagline is “This is Open!” and the campaign features talent from across its programming line-up, which includes news, sports, scripted and unscripted programs, movies and more.

“Open feels the pulse of society, listens to our needs and our emotions. It’s a channel that doesn’t want to have just ‘viewers.’ It ‘opens’ beyond that. It becomes a true companion in every moment. With its truth, honesty and objectivity, it embraces all of Greece, listens, gives access and is open to everyone,” Koutrouli continued.

“Its inspiring manifesto and tagline ‘This Is Open,’ not only explains the channel’s values through its program and protagonists, but invites everyone to start opening up to their feelings … and to the opportunities of each day and to experience the fascinating story of their own unique lives.”

The music comes from a partner production library and the graphics remain after the channel’s 2017 launch.

Open TV is a Greek free-to-air TV station. It’s distributed in Greece and is accessible worldwide via over-the-top platform Eon TV.


Marketing Director: Konstantina Koutrouli

Advertising agency: Trabaho Ltd

Creative Director: Annita Grigoriadi

Direction: Kostas Grigorakakis

Director of Photography: Giorgos Frentzos

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