With the boom of media platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, more fantastic shows are being produced than ever before. There truly is something for everyone, and the way we discover exciting new things has changed, too.

Not only do we expect to have content tailored personally for us, but we also like to see it displayed beautifully. And when products are packaged expertly before our eyes, we leave happily with our purchases, and keep coming back for more.

Sadly, this quality of service is difficult to find in the world of digital television. Whether we watch it on-demand, on the move, or on a set-top box, our appetite for TV remains insatiable. However, as we’ve developed new viewing habits, a chasm has formed between the producer and consumer.

We are no longer bound by TV schedules, and as a result TV channels have lost their best way of enticing viewers: through the humble trailer.

Over 20,000 TV channels exist in the world, and broadcasters produce an average of 20-30 trailers per month. How many of those trailers venture into the digital world to conquer the market? A meager 5 percent.

The landscapes of digital domains need to change. Research has shown that 74 percent of consumers who view a promo are more likely to watch the show. And it’s not surprising: people want to make easy, informed decisions. So why do so many platforms lack these moving images?

Users need to be rescued from the flavourless pictures and descriptions of online TV media and program guides. We want the taste of a TV show: a teaser to whet our appetites, trailers which make us salivate.

With menus that leap out at us, we’re more engaged and our choices are better made. Fortunately for everyone – TV companies, digital platforms and consumers alike – the latest, shining TV trailers are standing by to save us. If only they could hear our cries…

PromoMii is a UK-based tech platform that allows for TV broadcasters and digital platforms to meet. The company collects trailers from TV broadcasters and makes them available to consumers via TV service providers, set top boxes, EPGs, websites and apps.

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