ABC’s latest Bachelorette, former beauty queen Hannah Brown, offers much more than meets the eye as the above spot by Boulder, Colo.-based Mrs K and Cincinnati, Ohio-based Lightbourne Communications suggests.

Between them, Mrs K and Lightbourne shot and created the photography and rose-petal effects, turning Brown into a modern-day princess as she wanders the woods.

But wandering around acting like Snow White is not Brown’s ultimate goal: she’s looking for “fierce” love when the franchise returns Monday, May 13.


Client: ABC Entertainment Marketing

EVP, Marketing: Becky Daugherty

SVP, Creative: Jill Gershman

VP, Creative: Mary Jo Smith

VP, Production: Bob Schefferine

Executive Director, Production: Chris O’Hara

Executive Director, Design: Lucas Aragon

Creative Director: Christina Karaba

Art Director: Charles Beckman

Producer: Hayley Greene

Associate Director, Production: Sandy Christmas

Sr. Manager, Production: Meg Tyra

Sr. Manager, Post Production: Steve Burch

Manager, Production: Christine Sparks

Manager, Production: Michelle Shapiro

Manager, Production: Teeny Stillings

Editor: Scott Sarver

Designer/Animator: Marina Garcia

Flame Artist: Ray Bohn

Flame Artist: Tony Graf

Production Company: Mrs. K

Director: Jeanne Kopeck

Executive Producer: Peter Thron

Producer: Brianna Baugh

Line Producer: Erin Lofstrom

DP: Dallas Sterling

DP: Patrick Loungway

VFX: Lightborne Communications, Inc.

President/EP: Scott Durban

Producer: Riann Wiggins

Creative Director: Chris Gliebe

Lead 3D Artist, Sr. Animator: Kevin Gautraud

Sr. Animator: Dave Irion

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