​In 2021, strange headlines started taking over everyone’s news feeds: A group of activist investors who coalesced on Reddit started buying up the shares of video-game retailer GameStop, driving the stock price up. The move was an intentional effort to sting hedge funds who had bet against the videogame retailer.

Narrated by Succession’s Kieran Culkin, HBO Max on Thursday, March 3 will debut two-part documentary, Gaming Wall St., on what happened with GameStop and what it reveals about Wall Street. In the documentary, armchair investors and online vigilantes discuss what happened and how it exposed Wall Street’s dark side.

Gaming Wall St. peels back the layers of one of the most talked about news stories in 2021, revealing the systemic issues and underbelly of the financial world,” said Joanna Zwickel, senior vice president, documentary features and series, Gunpowder & Sky, in a statement.

“I wanted to create a compelling documentary about a niche online community which grew into the movement behind GameStop and momentarily shifted the balance of power on Wall Street,” said Director Tobias Deml, also in a statement. “I saw a great need for access to education about investing. We have the opportunity to right a decades-old wrong created by powerful firms that have been gaming the system to the detriment of society. I hope that viewers will feel empowered to see themselves as investors and be part of a much-needed reform to Wall Street.”

Gaming Wall St. is executive produced by Floris Bauer, Van Toffler, Janet Brown and Joanna Zwickel for Gunpowder & Sky. Producers are Tessa Byford for Prodigium Pictures, and Burke Koonce and John Fichthorn for Biltmore Films. Tobias Deml directs.

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