​In season five of History’s Vikings, Ivar the Boneless’ (Alex Høgh Andersen) ruthless quest to take over the main Viking city of Kattegat results in untold horrors, as this spot created by History in collaboration with New York-based BigStar illustrates.

The spot pays homage to Colonel Katz’ words in both Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and the movie inspired by the book, Apocalypse Now, with the phrase “the horror, the horror,” as uttered by the Seer, playing throughout the trailer.

History’s Vikings returns for season five on Wednesday, Nov. 28.

[Images courtesy of History/Jonathan Hession]


Senior Writer/Producer: Jeremy Dann-Soury

Editor: Liz Moore

Graphic Design: BigStar

Audio Mix: Zealot

Production Manager: Lawrence Foppiano

Director Marketing Production: Kate Rosante

Creative Director: Anthony Karkosza

VP Brand Creative: Matt Neary

Executive Creative Director: Tim Nolan

Tags: history hot spots vikings

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