Investigation Discovery’s newest series, Hometown Homicide, introduces viewers to the stories of shocking small town murders and their effect on local communities.

Using the urgency and intimacy of local news footage, the new series transports viewers to the “Golden Age of Local News,” a pre-social media era when local news was key to connecting communities.

Viewers will witness true crime stories develop before their eyes with the help of an attention-grabbing “news broadcast” track and graphics that mimic a classic ‘90s news package. As each episode progresses, the graphics gradually become desaturated, reflecting the change in music, copy, and environment of the small towns affected by these murders.

Establishing the viewer as part of the affected communities is a key element to ID’s newest series. AlterEgo achieved this by developing an execution that makes viewers feel as if the story is unfolding in real time, as they will feel the loss, fear, and distress as the hunt for the murderer unfolds.

Hometown Homicide premieres February 26 on ID.


Network: Investigation Discovery

Creative Director: Carrie Sullivan

Senior Writer/ Producer: Ki Yi

Sr, Director, Marketing Production: Kyle Russell

Agency: AlterEgo

Executive Creative Director: Heather Roymans

Associate Creative Director: Erica Kern

Writer Producer: Megan Gygax

Art Director: Fabian Tejada

Sr. Designer/Animator: Jason Leta

Sr. Editors: Nate Hoeft & Dave Nathan

Sound Design and Mix: Tyler Proctor

Tags: alterego hometown homicide investigation discovery

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