Corporate tools Matt (Matt Ingebretson) and Jake (Jake Weisman), with whom we feel some sympathy, drone on doing their work for heartless corporation Hampton DeVille through asbestos cleaning, screaming fire alarms, in-office sprinkler system showers and extremely dramatic conference calls.

Fire Alarm

Conference Call

The series returns for season two on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 10:30/9:30 pm c.


Network, Production Company: Comedy Central

EVP, Marketing & Creative: Josh Line

SVP, Brand Creative: Vedia Ayvaz

VP, Creative Director: Matthew Silvestri

Creative Director: Vinny Lopez

VP, Design: Chris Scarlata

Motion Design: Jennifer Unger

SVP, Production & Operations: Debbie Beiter

Director, Project Management: Laura Johnson

Tags: comedy central corporate hot spots

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