The high-pace dance competition series “So You Think You Can Dance” on Fox utilizes re-animated still photography to examine the high energy and precision of its dancers. “So You Think You Can Dance” leaps onto screens with style.

Client: Fox Broadcasting

SVP Broadcast Design: Tom Morrissey, Fox Broadcasting

VP, Broadcast Design: Justin Owens, Fox Broadcasting

Art Director, Broadcast Design: Emily Reed, Fox Broadcasting

Production/Design Company: thenewBlank

Executive Creative Director: Bobby Hougham, thenewBlank

Executive Creative Director: Sevrin Daniels, thenewBlank

Executive Producer: Kelly Green, thenewBlank

Project Manager: Christina Gonzalez, thenewBlank

Styleframes: Eric Edwards, Alan Llave, Lena Lee, Yinzi Xiong, Tommy Hutcherson, Lindsay Daniels, Vincent Diga; thenewBlank

Creative Director/CG Lead: Eric Edwards, thenewBlank

Design/Animators/Compositors: Eric Edwards, Yinzi Xiong, Lena Lee, Tommy Hutcherson, Alan Llave; thenewBlank

Photographer: Chris Cuffaro


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