The characters of USA Network are back for a summer full of sunshine, action, excitement and above all, originality. Client: USA Network Creative Director: David Gioiella, Northern Lights Editor: David Gioiella, Northern Lights Editor: Mark Tyler, Northern Lights Smoke & Lustr Artist: Chris Hengeveld, Northern Lights Executive Producer: Robin Hall, Northern Lights Sound Designer, Mixer: Ted Gannon, SuperExploder Executive Producer: Beth Cummins, SuperExploder Co-President: Chris McCumber, USA Network EVP, Marketing & Digital: Alexandra Shapiro, USA Network SVP, Brand Creative: Jason Holzman, USA Network VP, Brand Creative: Janine Evangelista, USA Network Creative Director: Christina Hedrick, USA Network Design Director: Chris Moore, USA Network VP, Production: Sandra Schron, USA Network Director of Production: Desiree Tobin, USA Network Director: Daniel Fries, Leroy and Clarkson Executive Producer: Rosanne Raposo, Leroy and Clarkson Producer: Forrest Heidel, Leroy and Clarkson Production Company: Leroy and Clarkson Editorial: Northern Lights Sound: SuperExploder


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