As Loyalkaspar Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Beat Baudenbacher hunkered down, like everyone else, during the pandemic, he began to think. He thought about how brands define the world around them and how people turn to brands – or familiar symbols – in times of strife. And then he turned those thoughts into a book.

“Somewhere Yes: The Search for Belonging in a World Shaped by Branding” combines both written and visual language to ask questions and consider ideas. More of a thought exercise than a conclusion or a prescription, the book asks readers to consider what branding means in our current society and how it can be used for good.

In this episode of The Daily Brief Podcast, Baudenbacher joins to discuss his own approach to branding, why he thinks it’s so important, why people get so attached to brands and how our own identities are shaped by brands – whether those are religious symbols or cultural icons.

Baudenbacher and Loyalkaspar work with such entertainment clients as CNN, ESPN, HLN, MTV, Paramount Plus, Peacock and many more. As Baudenbacher says, good branding is about stripping it down to its bare essence. That’s what Loyalkaspar did for Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Network, which turned the two silos that sit at the center of the company’s campus in Waco, Texas, into its cornerstone logo.

Magnolia's silos in Waco, Texas
Magnolia’s silos in Waco, Texas

Loyalkaspar's logo and wordmark for Magnolia based on the silos
Loyalkaspar’s logo and wordmark for Magnolia based on the silos

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To hear more about the book and Badenbacher’s own thoughts around branding, tune into this episode:

“Somewhere Yes: The Search for Belonging in a World Shaped by Branding” comes out July 12 on Amazon and other book platforms.

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