Bicoastal entertainment marketing agency Northern Lights collaborated with Amazon Prime Video to launch the new scripted series As We See It.

From Jason Katims (creator of Friday Night Lights and Parenthood), the series follows three roommates in their 20s – all played by up-and-coming actors who identify as being on the autism spectrum – in their search to find love, make friends and become independent in a world that eludes them.

“The show seamlessly blends humor and heart and we needed an agency that could understand that complexity. Joe and the team at Northern Lights created a beautiful, emotional trailer that distilled the essence of the show into only two minutes and perfectly reflects As We See It’s unique tonal balance,” said Sarah Scannell, Amazon creative marketing lead, in a statement.

Trailer, “Carry On”

“We love creating campaigns with Amazon because you know the strategy has been seriously vetted with data behind it,” said Northern Lights Executive Creative Director Joe Nichols, also in a statement. “When all creative decisions are rooted in strategy and work together to build an emotional connection between the characters and the audience, we know we are doing our job.”

:30 “Carry On” (cutdown)
:30 “Ready”

As We See It launches on Amazon Prime Video on January 21.

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