As television networks and series get progressively more global, so do the marketing campaigns that proceed them. That was the case with three campaigns for critically acclaimed and award-winning series that Chicago- and Argentina-based creative agency Pes created for Paramount Channel Latin America: Killing Eve, above; The Handmaid’s Tale and Sherlock.

When Paramount Channel Latin America, which is part of Viacom International Media Networks, was preparing to air these series across its Latin American territories, it turned to Pes for help creating all of the graphics it would need to promote the shows both on- and off-air. That included on-air and digital promotions, key art and out-of-home assets.

When these shows aired on networks such as Hulu, for The Handmaid’s Tale, or BBC or BBC America, for Killing Eve and Sherlock, those networks either develop the creative in-house or partner with an agency to do that work. But when these shows are sold globally, the marketing does not come with them. That’s when a multi-country network, such as Paramount Channel Latin America, seeks a creative partner.

TV’s global expansion has been good for multicultural agencies such as Pes, which today is working in the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America, Europe and China. The agency was founded and is led by Pedro Estanga, who serves as creative director, and from whom Pes gets its name. Paula Chapela serves as executive producer, located in Buenos Aires, while Tom Leonard, director of new business, works with Estanga in Chicago. While Pes does quite a bit of work in the entertainment marketing space, it also works in general-market creative, such as the below ad for Mercedes-Benz.

For each of the three series, Pes worked with Paramount Channel Latin America to create a specific look and feel that would appeal to the channel’s audiences in each country.

“We make creative that is global, unique and strong, but at the same time, for everybody. That is part of our formula,” said Estanga.

That’s why for Killing Eve (above), Pes decided to keep it simple and let the show speak for itself.

“In the end, this is a simple story of the relationship between the detective and the serial killer,” said Estanga. “The characters might be complicated but the point of the show is not.”

After making that observation, Pes went on to create a Killing Eve campaign for Paramount Channel Latin America that while simple, also was bold and striking through use of color and graphics.

For The Handmaid’s Tale, Pes and Paramount Channel got a little more complicated, creating a look for the dystopian series inspired by Russian constructivism. The spots convey the series’ tone of rebellion and resistance with its straightforward red, white and black graphics.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Pes for Paramount Channel

For Sherlock, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC’s modern rendition of the legendary sleuth story, Pes illustrated the way Sherlock’s mind works by overlaying scenes of the series with complex and delicate illustrations of mathematics and other symbology.

Sherlock by Pes for Paramount Channel

Finally, Pes got to have a little fun on a non-TV campaign with colorful animation overlaying live-action in the below spot for Mercedes-Benz.

“This is an iconic brand and a brand-new vehicle, and we put it in this really crazy wild world. And it just works,” said Leonard. “I think that’s where [both our] experience and experimentation come into play.”

Mercedes-Benz: ‘Unleash Your Imagination’​

“I think what Pes brings to the market is a very different look visually and a global purview,” said Leonard. “We’re trying to push the boundaries a little bit and I think that’s what ultimately makes our work so unique.”

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