In Hulu’s original film, The Mill, a man, Joe (Lil Rel Howery) wakes up to discover he has a new job at a company called Mallard that involves pushing a very heavy mill stone around in a circle all day every day. And he’s informed upon waking in that strange and terrifying place that “failure to meet your daily quota will result in a punishment. The employee with the fewest points will be terminated.”

Joe just wants to go home to his pregnant wife but that doesn’t seem to be part of Mallard’s career plan for Joe.

“Prepare your mind for a transformative experience by Mallard,” the friendly-sounding voice says. “You’re a crucial part of our team … for life.”

The above trailer, cut by Studio City’s The Shop, makes Joe’s situation feel appropriately terrifying, complete with alarming music.

The Mill is written by Jeffrey David Thomas (Titans) and also stars Pat Healy, Karen Obilom and Patrick Fischler.

Original film The Mill is presented on Hulu on Monday, October 9 as part of its Huluween programming event.


Client: Hulu

Hulu Creative Team: Keith Grant, Jessica Paek

Agency: The Shop

President: Jordan Hayman

Chief Creative Officer: Nick Shakarian

Producer: Halie Marks

Editor: Nick Shakarian

Music Supervisor/Composer: Cameron Chambers

Graphics Designer: Mariah Burns

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