Boulder, Colo.-based brand and communications agency Human Design is launching a new documentary unit, Human Entertainment.

Human Design recently produced two short-form documentaries: Short-form original, Feral, executive produced by Human Design managing director and partner Daniel Clarke, which is available on streaming service Discovery Plus; and Brushstroke, directed by Human Design executive producer Tim Twinem. Human acquired Twinem’s production company, Solidus, in January 2018.

“This move will allow us to more efficiently create and back original content designed to move hearts, minds and the human race – a core agency philosophy represented in our work with diverse brand clients over the years,” said Clarke in a statement. “Documentaries offer us a larger opportunity through major studios, streamers and independent film festivals to directly engage audiences with our exploration of humanity and meaningful causes.”

Feral focuses on the debate over feral cats roaming the Hawaiian islands, which is having a negative impact on endangered species native to the islands, such as seabirds and seals. Brushstroke, which premiered at the Vail Film Festival, represents the fusion of art and science via Paul Kirby’s creation of artificial-intelligence-powered robot Dulcinea, which creates original art.

Human Design does creative and marketing work for such clients as Discovery, Netflix, Twitter and more.

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