Imaginary Forces’ main-title sequence for Apple TV Plus’ Foundation, based on Isaac Asimov’s science-fiction masterpiece, transports viewers to the glittering cosmos of Asimov’s imagination.

Foundation, which is currently dropping new episodes on the service, has been renewed for a second season on the streaming service. Season one’s final two episodes drop Friday, Nov. 12 and Friday, Nov. 19.


Client: Apple TV Plus

Agency: Imaginary Forces

Creative Director: Ronnie Koff

Executive Creative Director: Peter Frankfurt

Head of Production: Melody Alexander

Producer: Ryan Burcham, Steve Garfinkel

3d Animation: Philipp Pavlov, Danil Krivoruchko, Brandon Lester

2d Animation: Nicole Dileo

Design: Nicole Dileo, Brandon Savoy, James Gardner, Ronnie Koff

Compositor: Martin Karlsson, Joe Taylor

Editor: Zach Kilroy

Assistant Editor: Lexi Gunvaldson

Composer: Bear McCreary

Coordinator: Jackson Kerr

Tags: 3d animation apple tv plus foundation hot spots main titles

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