Los Angeles-based creative agency Imaginary Forces turns an ‘80s guide on how to be a perfect housewife into a guide on how to get away with murder in its streamlined main titles for Hulu’s true-crime series, Candy.

“A non-conforming character called for a unique take on main titles and with full creative freedom, we served up something sweet,” writes Imaginary Forces on its website. “Inspired by Rube Goldberg’s machines, we built the housewife trope narrative around the type. Words that once stuck to the page, fall before the next scene to convey how the daily upkeep of being the perfect housewife led to Candy’s world collapsing. With a custom soundtrack and retro color scheme, what feels like a brief sequence becomes a captivating and unconventional story structure. We stripped the traditional title sequence techniques to its simplistic form, making the type all the hype.”

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In Hulu’s five-night event, Jessica Biel plays Candy Montgomery, a bored Dallas housewife who has an affair with a friend’s husband. What starts out as just a run-of-the-mill dalliance soon spins far more out of control than anyone, including Candy, could have predicted.

Besides Biel, the series also stars Timothy Simons (Veep), Melanie Lynskey (Yellowjackets), Pablo Schreiber (Halo) and Raúl Esparza.

Candy premiered Monday, May 9 with a new episode dropping each night until the finale on Friday, May 13.

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Client: Hulu

Production: Imaginary Forces

CD: Ronnie Koff

Designer: Elizabeth Steinberg, Ronnie Koff

Animator: Nader Husseini, Rob Slychuk

Editor: Lexi Gunvaldson

Executive Creative Director: Peter Frankfurt

Head of production: Ryan Burcham

Producer: Michael Boretz

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