On Nov. 9, E! is serving a grand helping of vampires, werewolves and forbidden romance with the Twilight Saga Thirst-a-Thon.

The network released the above spot ahead of the movie marathon, which playfully plays on the saga’s steamy, insatiable scenes. All five films, which are based on Stephanie Meyers’ novel series of the same name, will play on the network as part of the brand’s “Movies We Love.”

The Twilight Saga, which premiered in theaters from 2008-2012, stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.


Network: E!

Writer/Producer/Editor: Kaci Dimas

SVP, E! Creative Marketing: Kjetil Njoten

VP, E! Creative Marketing: Doris Grieder

Project Managers: Vikki Sanchez, Luke Marron

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