It’s hard to distinguish the internal from the external in these main titles for video game Gears of War 5, developed by The Coalition and distributed by Microsoft for Xbox.

Santa Monica, Calif-based Elastic produced the game’s opening title sequence under the guidance of creative director Noah Harris. If you feel confused over whether you’re looking at an external, perhaps volcanic, landscape or if you’re taking an internal journey through the human body—well, that’s intentional.

The team created the design and art direction in Cinema 4D, and then completed post-production in Maya CG.

Gears of War 5 was released on Sept. 10.


Client: Microsoft

Agency: The Coalition

Game Director: Rod Fergusson

Cinematics Director: Greg Mitchell

Art Director: Aryan Hanbeck

Producer: Laura Kippax

External Development Manager: Carla Rylance

Brand Manager: Nicole Fawcette

Franchise Narrative Lead: Bonnie Jean Mah

Design Studio: Elastic

Creative Director: Noah Harris

Art Director: Nadia Tzuo

Designer: James Levy

Storyboards: Julian Bishop

Editors: Doron Dor, Rachel Fowler, Andrew Young, Jessica Ledoux

CG Supervisor: Kirk Shintani

CG Lead: Andrew Romatz

2D VFX Artists: Peter Sidoriak, Krystal Chinn, Greg VanZyl, James Gorman, Chris Russo

3D Artists: Jordon Gonzales, Colton Smarz, Josh Dyer, Mike Dupree, Michael Cardenas, Mikey Rodgers, Daniel Jenson, Danka Chiang, Jun Kim, Miguel Salek, Weiyo Sha, Mason Dash, Michael Bettinardi, Chris Meek, Caleb Ollivant, Ariana Ziae-Mohseni, Aemilia Mariani Widoddo, Ian Ruhfass

Previz Artists: Chris Leone, Paulo De Almada, Chris Clyne

Online Editors: Jim Pierce, James Buongiorno

Producer: Ashlie Iacocca

Coordinator: HJ Kim

Pitch Producer: Sarah Gamazo

Executive Producer: Luke Colson

Head of Production: Kate Berry

Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall

Colorist: Paul Yacono

Color Assistant: Corey Martinez

Color Producer: Jenny Bright

Executive Producer: Thatcher Peterson

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