Generally speaking, it’s accurate to say nothing you want just comes knocking on your door. But that’s not the case with E!’s new reality series, Jason Biggs’ Cash At Your Door, in which the American Pie star literally brings $25,000 cash to people’s doors and then gives it to them if they can correctly answer trivia questions.

The above spot teases that concept by hiding who the host is, shooting him from only the back or waist down, until finally revealing him as he rings people’s doorbells and stares into their front-door peepholes, trying to get them to answer and play.

Jason Biggs’ Cash At Your Door premieres Aug. 31 on E!.


Sr. Vice President, Creative: Jeff Blackman

Vice President, Creative: Albert Choi

Creative Director: Justin Grazioli, Rob Edmond

Sr. Director, Production: Latif Van Lowe

Sr Producer/Editor, Creative Lead: Greg Brayton

Sr. Designer: Richard Versales, Kevin Mazeski

Audio Engineer: Chris Burns

Executive Producer, Shoot Production: Kyra James

Shoot Production Company: Manhattan Place Entertainment

Logo Animation: Fish Eggs

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