Shark Week host and Aquaman star Jason Momoa interrupts a romantic proposal on the beach to let the couple know some fun mating facts about sharks in the above promo for Discovery’s 35th annual programming event.

Promax 2023 Agency of the Year AV Squad produced the spot.

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Shows that will be available to watch during the week include Great White Fight Club, Monsters of the Bermuda Triangle, Alien Sharks: Strange New Worlds, Mako Mania: Battle for California, Raiders of the Lost Shark and many more.

Shark Week started airing on Discovery and streaming on Max Sunday, July 23.

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Client: Warner Bros. Discovery

Chief Marketing Officer, US Networks: Karen Bronzo

Senior Vice President, Marketing: Josh Kovolenko

Vice President, Creative: Pablo Pulido

Vice President, Production: Daniel Oleksiuk

Vice President, Strategy: Megan DeSouza

Senior Creative Director: Jamie Dugger

Supervising Producer: Peter Lanier

Senior Production Manager: Javier Montufar

Marketing Manager: Mary De Cuir

Agency: AV Squad

Director, VP Creative: Peter McKeon

VP, Production: Teresa Antista

VFX Supervisor, Creative Director: Quico Encinias

Director of Photography: Kevin Sarnoff

Editor: Peter Geuther

Producer: Ricky Carter

Shoot Producer: Kelsea Davis

Colorist, CO3: Dave Hussey

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