In advance of the season-two premiere of HBO Max’s reboot of Gossip Girl, original series narrator Kristen Bell has been surprising subway riders in New York City with special announcements promoting the new season. Instead of hearing an announcement of the next train approaching, people on the platform hear Bell announcing the upcoming intrigue of season two.

One such announcement reads as follows: “Greetings followers, Gossip Girl here. They say New York is the city that never sleeps, but don’t forget, neither do I. Dig up the dirt on your favorite Constance Billard socialites with me and catch the season-two premiere of Gossip Girl this Thursday, only on HBO Max. You know you love me, xoxo.”

HBO Max is partnering on the campaign with outdoor advertising company Outfront Media, which marries out-of-home advertising with social media via its Outfront Prime platform.

To directly connect the experience to social, HBO Max is having influencers such as @telsha, @marjon, @jaegurly, @spicy.mayo/yaminah, @harryveryhill, and @davis visit the stations and share the experience with their respective followers. Subway riders are also encouraged to take selfies in front of the billboards and signage and share them across social.

Season two of Gossip Girl starts streaming on HBO Max on December 1.

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