The familiar but bloodied landmarks of Los Angeles – from the Santa Monica Pier to Hollywood Blvd. – are featured in Elastic and Feed Me Light’s cinematic trailer for video game Dead Island 2, coming in April.

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Without showing one single zombie or zombie killer, the trailer makes clear exactly what’s happened as blood and gore spatter the endlessly sunny and colorful Southern California locales. The sequence is scored with “Drown,” by Karen O and Danger Mouse with a bespoke arrangement by Ben Sumner and Glenn Herweijer at Feel for Music.

Dead Island 2, produced by Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios, comes out April 21, 2023 for PC, Playstation and Xbox.


Client: Deep Silver, Dambuster Studios

Design Studios: Elastic, Feed Me Light

Executive Creative Directors: Andy Hall, Denis Bodart

Director: Denis Bodart

Design Director: Nadia Tzuo

Designers: Min Shi, Carlo Sa, Kaya Thomas, Fred Colin, Cian McKenna

Storyboarding: Simon Duclos, Maxence Henry, Denis Bodar

Previs / Animatic: Simon Duclos

CG Supervisor: Olivier Pirard

Lead CG Artist: Fred Colin

CG team: David Calvet, Olivier Pirard, Simon Duclos

Animators: Julien Becquer, Frederic Colin

Compositors: Florent Bizec, Chris Sayer, David Calvet, Olivier Pirard

Additional Compositing Support: Andrew Young

Editors: Simon Duclos, Denis Bodart

Elastic Senior Producer: Paul Makowski

Feed Me Light Executive Producer: Ryan Goodwin-Smith

Feed Me Light Creative Producers: Daniela Hornksov Sun, Dai Davison

Feed Me Light Assistant Producer: David Botchey

Elastic Head of Production: Paul Makowski

Elastic Executive Producer: Luke Colson

Elastic Executive Producer: Kate Berry

Elastic Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall

Feed Me Light Managing Director: Kiri Haggart

Music: Ben Sumner and Glenn Herweijer at Feel for Music, featuring “Drown” by Danger Mouse & Karen O.

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