“Some people might try to tell you it’s a banana,” a narrator says in a video showing a single apple positioned against a white background in CNN’s first ad for its ‘Facts First’ campaign highlighting the dangers of “fake news.”

Heading into the midterm elections on November 6, the network took the notion a step further with a spot that imagines a world where bananas are substituted for apples throughout history.

It features textbooks showing Isaac Newton discovering the law of gravitation when a banana fell out of a tree and hit him on the head, a poster with the slogan, “A banana a day keeps the doctor away,” children bobbing for bananas, a student leaving a banana on a teacher’s desk, New York City T-shirts featuring ‘The Big Banana,’ and a painting in a museum of Eve in the garden of Eden, about to take a bite out of a banana.

Continuing to use an apple as an allegory for the importance of facts in unfactual times, the spot, title ‘Lies’ reminds viewers that an apple is still not a banana, says CNN.

“Lies can become truth, if we let them,” the video concludes.

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CNN Takes Bite out of Fake News with ‘Facts First’ Campaign



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