These three spots from Los Angeles creative agency Ringer muse what life would be like if your head were a television set, and it was always tuned into Bravo.

The fun campaign aims to highlight the network’s programming beyond it’s Housewives franchise, and successfully taps into the passion of its fans, who can’t help but become distracted by all the great content they’re viewing.

“Much like Bravo, our hero is adored by many, but there are downsides to being loved this much,” said Rob Meltzer, who directed the spots.

“The TV Head spots target both our casual and ‘should-be’ viewers in a funny and memorable way,” said Amy Troiano, Bravo’s senior vice president of creative and brand strategy. “They showcase the wide scope of our programming, the passion of our fanbase and the stickiness of our content.”

The campaign is airing on- and off-network, on digital platforms and across Bravo’s social media accounts.


Client: Bravo

SVP, Bravo Creative: Amy Troiano

VP, Bravo Creative: Quest Marks

VP, Production, Bravo Creative: Tom Bayer

Director, Production, Bravo Creative: Trevor Takahashi

Production Manager, Bravo Creative: Sam Anderson

Print Production, Bravo Creative: Jasmine Rinde

Executive Producer, NBCUniversal Cable Shoot Production: Janelle Albino

Agency: Ringer

Founder / Director: Rob Meltzer

Executive Producer: Silke Thompson

Head of Post-Production: Daniel Elkayam

VFX Supervisor: Elliott Jobe

Editor: Ryan Eaton

Audio Mixer: Adam King

Tags: bravo hot spots ringer

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