The Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot – baby or adult – is a man – er, tree – of few words. Three, precisely: I. Am. Groot.

Marvel Studios Animation appears to make the most of those three words in its new series of five digital shorts starring Baby Groot, with the series aptly titled, I Am Groot. Panel attendees were treated to one of the shorts during the session: “Groot Takes a Bath.”

The series once again proves that audiences are suckers for cute characters with big eyes and no noses, such as Baby Groot and Baby Yoda. And Baby Groot appears to be having a pretty good time of it on his own planet without Rocket or anyone else to boss him around.

I Am Groot starts streaming on Disney Plus on August 10.

Key art for Marvel Studios Animation's new series of digital shorts, 'I Am Groot.'
Key art for Marvel Studios Animation’s new series of digital shorts, ‘I Am Groot.’

I Am Groot was one of several announcements made by Marvel Studios Animation at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday. Marvel also is prepping Spider-Man: Freshman Year (as well as Sophomore Year), the first of which is expected to premiere on Disney Plus in 2024; as well as a second season of Marvel’s What If …?, Marvel Zombies and X-Men ‘97.

Just as it did in season one, Marvel’s What If …? considers what might have happened if key characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe had made different choices. Season two of the animated series will debut on Disney Plus early next year.

Marvel Zombies is a spinoff of an episode What If…? that imagines what might happen if a new generation of Marvel heroes were pitted against a zombie scourge.

Finally, X-Men ‘97, which already has been greenlit for seasons one and two, returns to and recreates the animated series of the ‘90s. X-Men ‘97 will start streaming on Disney Plus next fall.

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