A cast of Persians—cats, that is—are back to kick off season seven of Bravo’s reality series Shahs of Sunset.

The cats are all grooming themselves in preparation for “My Big Fat Purrsian Wedding.” When drama hits at the altar, the kitties decide to dance—shah-shah sliding into the new season, which premieres Thursday, Aug. 2, at 9/8 c.

The concept of casting cats in the roles of people was conceived and written in-house, and then Bravo worked with Philadelphia-based All Ages Productions to execute the idea. Actual show talent recorded voiceover for their feline-characters. The opening credits are replicated almost exactly from the original show open, with backplates and type provided by original main title creators, Charlie Co.


Network: Bravo

SVP, Creative: Amy Troiano

VP, Creative: Quest Marks

Creative Director: Leeanne Irvin

Concept: Leeanne Irvin

Writer/Producer: Jeff Edelstein

Design Director: Han Yi

Broadcast Graphics Designer: Kathy Valladares & RC Williams

Audio Engineer: Efren Hererra

Voiceover Director: Jeff Edelstein

Additional Voiceover: Alexander Bryant

Show open graphics and IDs: Charlie Co.

Production Team: All Ages Productions

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