The designers and directors of Greece’s Mega TV got to work ahead of the 2023 National Elections to imbue the channels set and graphics with a modern look and feel. The team had only four days to set up and test everything before Election night.

Using augmented reality and high-end graphics, the team built a virtual set that appeared to be set inside of Greek Parliament. Within that set, 3D graphics popped up to make exit poll and voting results clear to viewers, using a steady-cam and wireless 3D tracking that provided the graphics in real-time.

Snap parliamentary elections were held in Greece on May 21, with all 300 parliamentary seats contested. No party gained a clear majority during the snap elections, thus no coalition government was able to be formed, so another snap election will take place on June 25. In the meantime, Ionnis Sarmas has been appointed caretaker prime minister.


Client: Mega TV Greece

Design: In-house

Art/Creative Direction: Nikos Tsimouris

Set Design/Direction: Jim Tsigkos, George Telos

VizRT AR Graphics: Dimitris Barletis, Stathis Nikou

Graphics: Vagelis Nakas, Nontas Kontoprias, Manos Hasapis, Nikos Tsimouris

VizARC Programming: Antonio Bleile/Netventure

Stype Tracking Experts: Kresimir Juraj Solin, Josip Josipovic

Music: Philippe Briand, Gabriel Saban

Tags: augmented reality mega tv greece virtual reality virtual sets

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