Burbank-Calif.-based production music library Megatrax is exclusively representing U.K.-produced music catalog Twisted Jukebox across the United States, Canada and Latin America.

The catalog includes music composed for trailers, promos, television and soundtrack beds as well as commercial music replacements. Four more labels from the Twisted Jukebox banner will follow in the coming weeks, including “Alive,” which includes music for light entertainment, daytime and kids TV; “Art Du Monde,” which consists of world music recorded around the globe; “Simply,” offering minimal music from a single instrument per album, and “Anarchist,” described as “production music that couldn’t give a $%&! if you like it or not!”

“Every few years, a catalog comes along that is so fresh, unique and original that we simply must stand up and take notice. ‘Twisted Jukebox’ is such a catalog!” said Ron Mendelsohn, Megatrax president and CEO in a statement. “We are so pleased to exclusively represent this fine collection – along with its four niche labels—across North, South and Central America. From cutting-edge trailer music to current songs to authentic world music, our clients are going to love digging into this UK-produced collection—one that has never before been available stateside.”

“When we first spoke with Ron about Megatrax representing our five labels in the United States, it quickly became apparent that our belief in quality over quantity and our shared vision for taking production music to new levels aligned perfectly. We knew instantly that we’d found our new home away from our home across the pond,” said Matt Welch, creative and music director of Twisted Jukebox. “We are extremely excited to be working with Ron and Megatrax, and we feel our offerings of groundbreaking dance and commercial pop music, right through to cinematic orchestral pieces, and hardcore music for anarchy, can bring a fresh and unique selection of musical styles to Megatrax’s clients, old and new.”

Megatrax is an independent production music library and custom music house serving the broadcast and media industries. The company offers 20 distinctive catalogs comprising over 200,000 tracks in every musical style and genre.

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