Microsoft unveiled a first-look at its upcoming augmented reality game, Minecraft Earth, in the above trailer, released Friday and produced by MPC.

Much like Niantic’s Pokemon Go first did in 2016, Minecraft Earth will allow players to place game elements in the real world via their phones.

In the new game, players will build creations in the game and then be allowed to place those creations in the real world. Friends can explore the creations or help continue building them. Minecraft Earth players also can come across in-game mobs in the real world that they did not put there themselves. And just like in the current iteration of the game, but taking place in the real world, players can dig for more valuable items and game building blocks.

In Minecraft Earth, people build massive creations on something called a “build plate,” or a digital plot of land. Once you’re done, you can put those building plates anywhere in the real world, and you can invite friends to help you keep building or exploring what you’ve made. Microsoft said this is made possible by its new “spatial anchors” technology that maps the real world for its HoloLens 2 headsets

Minecraft, which has been out for ten years, is one of the world’s biggest video games with more than 176 million units sold.

Minecraft Earth will be released into beta this summer and then be avaIlable later this year for iOS and Android devices.



Client: Microsoft

Agency: MPC

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