“Georgia, people just don’t walk away from a plane crash. They don’t just fall out of the sky and carry on with their lives,” a woman whispers. Or do they?

Amazon’s newest thriller series, The Widow, follows a woman whose life is turned upside down after her husband dies in a plane crash. When she discovers that he might not be dead after all, she embarks on a mission deep in the African Congo to reveal the truth.

Amazon called upon Mob Scene to create the trailer for the eight-episode series. The video sets the tone for the thriller with flashbacks, clues, guns, and despair as Georgia Wells (Beckinsale) seeks answers.

The Widow premieres March 1 on Amazon Prime Video.


Agency: Mob Scene

Cary Sachs, EVP Creative, Mob Scene

Makenzie Scott, Producer, Mob Scene

Joe Vallero, Editor, Mob Scene

Graphics: Amazon

Mixer: Marissa Quintana, Mob Scene

Finishing: Darin Kuhlmann, Claire, Bludworth, Joe Kornbrodt, Andrew Stuart, Tim Palsgrove, Phil Cater, Mob Scene

Client: Amazon

Sarah Unger Hamilton, Group Creative Director, Amazon Studios

Joe Nichols, Creative Director, Amazon Studios

Travis McGhie, Sr. Integrated Producer, Amazon Studios

Tags: amazon prime video mob scene the widow

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