Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are no strangers to stoner culture as they navigate life in New York, exploring hookups, relationships, crappy jobs and their friendship.

With that in mind, Comedy Central on 4/20—the unofficial holiday that celebrates smoking marijuana—revealed mobile game Broad City: High Score featuring a series of rapid-fire, skill-challenging mini-games inspired by moments from the show. In addition ot Abbi and Ilana, Jamie, Bevers Lincoln, Trey and Bingo Bronson come along for the ride.

“Broad City has an extremely loyal and passionate fan base and we developed Broad City: High Score mobile game to allow fans across the globe to fully immerse themselves in the Broad City world,” Ben Hurst, senior vice president, mobile and emerging platforms for Comedy Central, said in a statement.

While the half-hour series is slated to end after season five, creators Glazer and Jacobson have signed a development deal for future projects with the network.

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Available for free from the App Store and Google Play, the game was developed in partnership with Los Angeles-based Built Games.

“High Score was a dream to develop,” said Built Games CEO Mike Pagano Doom in a statement. “The Comedy Central and Broad City teams are amazing partners. We’ve been able to create a powerful game we feel will have staying power for years to come and can’t wait for players to score high and reach an elevated next-level joy.”

In the game, players make their way through rounds of mini-games to achieve higher scores, social status and lots of lolz. The games vary in speed and difficulty each time they’re played, and last until a player has failed to complete three mini-games during the time allowed.

The mini games include: Smoke Rings, where players must tap and release at the right time to help Abbi take a toke; Bronson Smash, in which players must tap quickly to destroy a grocery display with Bingo Bronson; Fix the Hoodie, where players must color in Ilana’s stomach to match her crop top to make it work-appropriate, along with many more scenarios.

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