To get Velocity’s rebrand to MotorTrend off the starting line, IFDC looked both forward and back to create the above brand anthem.

In the spot, MotorTrend talent talks about how MotorTrend Magazine helped get them into cars as kids while as they look ahead to what awaits the new network. And it’s all set to a remixed version of Elvis Presley’s “Blue Suede Shoes.”


Client: MotorTrend

Creative Director: Greg Stein

Supervising Producer: Tom Heijne

Marketing Manager: Judd Lewis

Marketing Coordinator: Lindsay Anstett

Production Manager: Kelly Gray

Agency: IFDC

Creative Director: Heather Roymans

Art Director: Fabian Tejada

Sr. Designer/Animator: Jason Leta

Editors: Justin Kanner and Dave Nathan

Writers: Heather Roymans, Erica Kern, Megan Gygax

Producer: Megan Gygax

Colorist: Justin Kanner, C.S.I.

Sound Design and Mix: Tyler Proctor

Tags: hot spots ifdc image factory dc inspiration motor trend network

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