NBC is collaborating with social media platform Pinterest to offer inspiration to pinners who dream about taking other paths.

NBC’s new drama, Ordinary Joe, stars James Wolk as a man who is living several different lives based on different choices he makes.

The Pinterest collaboration grabs on to that theme—that the life you are living is the result of a series of choices that you have made—and asks people to consider “what if” they had made different choices at some point along the way. Or what if they made a different choice right now?

Participants first take a quiz. Based on those results, they are directed to a video message from one of several influencers and experts and finally to a Creator Ideas board full of pinned ideas around those topics.

For the promotion, NBC recruited several Pinterest influencers: Fashion and lifestyle influencer Coco Bassey banters about beauty; Tenille Murphy of The Tennille Life talks travel; Dane Findley of Over 50 and Fit focuses on fitness and health; Peter Som, who started in fashion and became a chef, discusses all things food; and Katie Sturino is all about fashion and body acceptance.

Ordinary Joe is about the choices we make, and how life can change in a single moment. In this spirit, we have found the perfect partner in Pinterest, a destination where people can plan their next adventure and discover their true passions,” said Kjerstin Beatty, executive vice president, entertainment media strategy and planning, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. “Through this campaign, we hope that people are motivated to follow their pursuits, and inspired by the ‘what ifs’ that will play out over the course of the series.”

Pinterest boasts some 60 million users who actively engage with entertainment content.

Ordinary Joe premieres on NBC on Monday, Sept. 20 at 10/9 p.m.

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