Los Angeles-based agency RM 15 Creative partnered with Debmar-Mercury to produce a series of launch spots to promote the syndicator’s new daytime talk show, Sherri, starring Sherri Shepherd.

“Sherri Shepherd is an accomplished stand-up comedian so we thought we’d play into that strength in her launch campaign,” said RM 15’s Garen van de Beek, who’s also a member of Promax’s board of directors.

“One of the things Sherri can do in a comedy club that she can’t do in daytime is swear, so we thought we’d have a little fun with that idea for a couple of spots,” said RM 15’s Lori Shefa, “And, of course, Sherri took that and bleeping ran with it!”

The featured spot shows Shepherd, who also been a co-host on ABC’s The View and a guest host of Debmar-Mercury’s The Wendy Williams Show, announcing that she’s getting her own daytime talk show but “there are a few words I cannot say.” In her excitement, she proceeds to rattle off a series of choice expletives, all bleeped for the daytime TV audience.

Sherri premieres Monday, September 12 on local TV stations in broadcast syndication.


Client: Debmar-Mercury

Agency: RM 15 Creative

Creative Directors: Garen van de Beek, Lori Shefa

Director: Ric Serena

Producer: Rob Mackler

Editor: Andy Haskins

Graphics: Justin Owens

Tags: debmar-mercury hot spots rm 15 creative sherri sherri shepherd

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