Just when we thought the gate to the Upside Down was closed for good, Netflix unveiled the final trailer for season three of Stranger Things, promising a new, menacing threat for the Demogorgon-fighting gang.

While previous teasers have boasted a lighthearted summer of mall visits, first jobs and summer camps, the new three-minute-long trailer proves that things in Hawkins, Ind. can never be normal for long.

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Following the events of season two, Eleven thought she sealed the Upside Down for good. But something evil lurks—a supernatural force that is seeking a new host to attach to.

“You let us in…and now you are going to have to let us stay,” the monster says atop footage from the season.

The spot also includes a whirlwind of fireworks, screeching monsters, bloodied heroes, sketchy politicians and caring parents—like Hopper and Joyce—ready to battle alongside the iconic group of kids. But no matter how hard they fight, one summer will certainly change everything, according to the season’s tagline.

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Mike, Lucas, Will, Max, Dustin, Eleven and the rest of the gang return when Stranger Things 3 launches July 4 on Netflix.

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