Appropriately for Women’s History Month, female-led NuContext, helmed by executive producer and founder Angela Guice, produced ABC’s campaign for the 94th annual Academy Awards. The show is hosted this year by three women: Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes. It’s the first time the Oscars have had any hosts since 2018 when Jimmy Kimmel hosted.

“This is a historic moment for the Oscars and we didn’t take it lightly that this campaign was produced by a female-led production company,” Guice said. “It was a lot of girl power on set.”

Besides the above spot, NuContext also produced the electronic press kit and social media assets as well as production support for the key art, which was shot by Art Streiber in conjunction with the ABC photography department.

Key art for 94th annual Academy Awards.
Key art for 94th annual Academy Awards.

Overall, NuContext has had a busy first quarter, also creating campaigns for Fox’s The Masked Singer and Hulu’s upcoming The Kardashians, which picks up with the famous family where E!’s megahit reality franchise left off.

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’The Kardashians’

“I called this shoot ‘the Glam Olympics,’” said Guice. “We were definitely creating art and it was a really fantastic experience.”

Since NuContext first opened its doors, Guice said she’s seen more women-led production companies enter the space.

“When we started in 2006, it was very male-dominated in terms of production companies. It’s been awesome to see women-owned production companies sprouting up in the past several years and thriving.”


94th Annual Academy Awards

Client: ABC Entertainment Marketing

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Hulu’s The Kardashians

Client: ABC Entertainment Marketing

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Key Wardrobe Stylist: Dani Michelle, Danielle Levi

Key Make Up: Mario Dedivanovic, Mary Phillips

Key Hair Stylist: Jen Atkin, Chris Appleton

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