The space between two silhouettes opens into a river. A profile hides a jungle. Things are not what they first seem in We Are Royale‘s animated trailer for Amazon Prime Video’s new series, The Widow, starring Kate Beckinsale.

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Designed & Produced by: We Are Royale

Executive Producer: Rhys Demery

Head of Production: Eric Zapakin

Senior Art Director: Juliet Park

Senior Producer: Julia Torchine

Designers: Juliet Park, Eleena Bakrie, Yoyo Wang, Miro Kalsinc, Mindy Park

Animators: Roy Kang, Eric Ramin, Yoyo Wang, Matty Deans

Editor: Issac Ruth

Storyboards: Ed Laroche

Client: Amazon

Group Creative Director: Sarah Hamilton

Creative Director: Joe Nichols

Senior Integrated Producer: Travis McGhie

We Are Royale

Executive Creative Director, Partner: Brien Holman

Executive Director Brand Partnerships, Partner: Jayson Whitmore

Managing Director, Partner: Jennifer Lucero

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