With Paramount Plus’ 2,400 live soccer matches each year, soccer fans in the U.S. can watch from the moment they wake up in the morning until the moment they go to sleep at night. That’s the message of a new campaign from customer experience agency Definition 6 (D6).

In the campaign’s hero spot, “Rules of Attraction,” an unseen but fast-talking fan rises at 6 a.m. after dreaming about lacing up their cleats for Liverpool. From there, the fan spins through the many matches available to watch, taking them to go as they play with their dog in the backyard, work out and have friends over to watch the games.

The spot concludes with the tagline: “The world’s champions live here.”

Paramount Plus has streaming rights to UEFA Champions League as well as Europa League, Concacaf, Argentine Primera Division, National Women’s Soccer League, Serie A Matches, Campeonato Brasileirao Serie A and Scottish Professional Football League.

The campaign was creative directed by D6’s Noah Lerner and Tim Reilly, under the leadership of Crystal Hall, senior vice president and creative director at D6.

“From brief to delivery, we were aligned on wanting to break the mold and to showcase a variety of Soccer stars fighting for championships on Paramount Plus,” said Evan Harris, Paramount Plus Creative Director in a statement.

D6 ended up creating more than 60 deliverables with audio and video layers that blended and transitioned together seamlessly, integrating soccer clips culled from many hours of footage. D6 worked closely with Paramount Plus to identify key players, leagues, and moments from the world of soccer to bring to the forefront.

A key part of the hero spot is the quippy voiceover narration, which was penned by Reilly and sound-designed by Dan O’Sullivan to ensure every word could be heard clearly next to the ambience of the gameplay.

“We wanted the VO to be snappy, not audio wallpaper,” said Reilly, also in a statement. “The script concept was all about making the info almost overwhelming, but in a way that soccer fans could identify with and get excited about.”

The final cut also includes a Spanish-language version.

D6’s VFX and motion graphics team integrated the clips with moving type and iconography, using framing devices and rotoscoping techniques and augmenting all of it with flashes of Paramount-Plus blue.

“Paramount Plus is a game-changer in the streaming space,” said Lerner. “It’s not just their content that’s premium; they put the same care and creativity into how they market and package their content.”


Client: Paramount Plus

EVP, P+ Head of Operations & Chief Marketing Officer: Domenic DiMeglio

SVP, P+ Brand Creative: Terry Minogue

SVP, P+ Design: Matt Hernandez

SVP, P+ Marketing: Tammy Henault

Sr. Creative Director: Evan Harris

Executive Producer: Andrew Rizzi

Sr Campaign Project Manager: Gillian Kuhlman

Campaign Project Manager: Andrew Katz

Senior Art Director: Michael Sutton-Long

VP, Media Strategy & Program Marketing: Claire Gutowski

Director Marketing: Samuel Johnson

Senior Marketing Manager: Claire Miller

Marketing Manager: Richard Wright

Director, Business Operations: Damien Demary

Senior Director, Video Production: Steve Davis

Post Production Supervisor: Marie Watkins

Agency: Definition 6

SVP, Creative Director: Crystal Hall

SVP, Executive Producer: Nicholas Lucin

SVP, Post Production, Sr. Editor: Chris Reinhart

VP, Creative Director: Noah Lerner

VP, Editorial: Anthony J. Cortese

VP, Production: Andrea Allen

VP, Operations: Andy Solomon

Sr. Creative Director: Tim Reilly

Sr. Producer: Christine Scott

VP, Sound: Dan O’Sullivan

Sound Designer, Mixer: Ted Marcus

EP, Sr. Editor: Todd Feuer

Editor: Andrew Malenda

Sr. Art Director: Tomoko Nakamura

Designer, Animator: Nikolay Lyutskanov

Jr. Editor: Ben Lapinig

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