Two London-based agencies—Art&Graft and Pentagram—worked together to create this bright and playful rebrand for Abu Dhabi Media’s kids’ channel Majid TV. The effort was part of an overall rebrand of the entire organization.

The two agencies stuck with several themes that have already been established at the network: long-established characters that exist amidst a rich cultural heritage. Once the two agencies knew they were going to keep those aspects of the channel intact, the partners could start tweaking other elements.

The new visual and sonic approach offers a coherent style—even though the network’s different shows are created in very different animation styles, that works across all of Majid TV’s linear, digital, mobile and social platforms.

Above is a sizzle that incorporates all of the rebrands’ elements; below are idents and bumpers that offer a uniform look to bring it all together.




Client: Abu Dhabi Media

Concept, Design, Direction, Production: Art&Graft

Music & Sound: Resonate

In collaboration with Pentagram

See more rebrands like this at Promax Europe 2020 in Madrid, Spain 16-17 March 2020.

Tags: art&graft; majid pentagram rebrand

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