Netflix documentary The Great Hack explores the modern-day problem of technology companies using their incredible access to data to invade their customers’ privacy and buy and sell that information to other similar companies.

To illustrate that idea, ALT Creative’s Ash Thorp traveled back and forth between data and art, showing how one becomes the other and vice versa.

“My main goal was to weave the line of art and data together into something that would be simultaneously informative and visually inspiring,” Thorp says on his website.



Director: Jehane Noujaim, Karim Amer

Producer: Judy Korin, Pedro Kos

Production: ALT Creative

Design/direction: Ash Thorp

Producer: Monica Thorp

Designer/animator: Toros Kose

CGI Artist/animator: Ryan Cashman, Zaoeyo

Reel Music: Pavel Dovgal “The Drug”

Tags: alt creative ash thorp hot spots main titles netflix the great hack

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