Just like all small businesses in this challenging time, creative agencies have quickly had to rejigger their businesses, sending everyone home to work and checking in with all their clients.

In this session, drawn from Promax’s new series of virtual sessions, Promax President and CEO Steve Kazanjian conducts a Q&A with three agency business development executives: Danixa Diaz, executive producer at iArtists; David Edelstein, executive director at Trollbäck+Company; and Tony Kadillak, executive director at Thornberg and Forester.

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A few ideas that immediately jump out—this challenging time is really requiring everyone to place an emphasis on relationships over business, and maybe that’s a good thing; and there’s a point at which, and maybe we’ve passed that point, it’s time to just get back to work.

Let’s hear what this panel has to say about how agencies have pivoted, and what it might mean for the way they do business in the future:

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